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Cargo Takeover! Tees & Hoodies coming to the shop soon!

The Cargo Revolution; Coming soon to a city near you! Or hopefully it’s already come! Cargobikes have opened up so many possibilities in urban centers; for families, businesses, and maverick individuals.  Symbolizing the coming change in the way we think about transport, the Cargo Takeover! demonstrates what our people power (and pedal power) can do!

Tees & Hoodies will be available in the shop as of November 5th, but we are offering pre-orders both online and in store!




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Springy ’87 12 spd Peugeot Cruiser (18in)


This fun little frame came into my possession earlier this week and came straight back to life within a few hours. We replaced the break & gear cables with some classic white, upgraded the saddle & pedals with some fresh parts. Threw on some classic 27″ tires, and finished her off with some new chrome shorty fenders. A real good look, if I do say so myself. Great commuter and with the right tires she’ll keep trucking all season. Peep the listing here, a steal at $175!