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Cargo Bike Sales & Lease

For bike rentals please see our page on Spinlister! This page is about our lease-to-own program.

The Bullitt© Cargo Bike is a revolutionary piece of analog machinery. It is a modern reinvention of the classic dutch bakfiet cargo bike, making improvements on weight distribution, speed, weight, aerodynamics, and cargo capacity. These bikes are powering many cities across Europe in particular, being introduced to fleets in major companies like Ikea and DHL. The revolution is not in Europe alone; You’ll be hard pressed to find a city in the US that doesn’t have at least one courier company with one LvH Bullitt©. Cargo specific messenger companies are cropping up all over South America, Asia, and the Middle East as well.

 DHL Bullittbullitt-driven chimney sweep in Germany

LvH Bullitts© aren’t just popular for their industrial and commercial applications. Families are making the switch to car-less living nation wide; transforming from two car families to 2+ bike families. While there are a variety of frame and attachment options for parents seeking to move their kids, but few maintain utility as your child grows like the LvH Bullitt©. Seat attachments are available for infants and toddlers, and the flatbed can easily carry one adult, or even an adult and a small child! Imagine giving your Brooklynite kid the keys to the family Bullitt©, the same one that carried them through childhood, instead of a car. We may just be crazy about cargo, but we’re not alone in our enthusiasm.

Credit Jason Henry @ NYT

We’ve been blessed to see what the Bullitt can do for our business, and we’d like to share that with you. The price of purchasing one outright is daunting to couriers, companies, and urban nesters, so it’s been a slow roll in New York. To roll out this new chapter in Kween Kargo Bike Shop, we are offering a bottom budget lease of $400 to the first businesses and well qualified individuals who want to try out these revolutionary cargo bikes. A limited number of leases are available so don’t miss out! 


Email us at with “Bullitt Lease” in the subject to get more information on the lease program, or drop by anytime during business hours!

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