Kween Kargo Bike Shop

Long may we ride

About Us


Kween Kargo aims to support bike commuters and couriers through affordable, quality repair services. We advocate for New Yorkers to make the move to living car-less when possible to offer us all healthier lives. In addition to light bike services, we also specialize in cargo bike repair & green freight logistics. We offer leases on LvH Bullitt© Bikes to make it easier for families and businesses to make the leap to carless. The hope being that we can reduce car, van, & truck traffic in an effort to increase quality of life for all New Yorkers. 

Who We Are


In spring of 2014 Kween Kargo founder Camille Raneem Lampel was brought into a local cargo bike courier cooperative, Full Lane Logistics (FLL). Having been the founder in a previous collective workspace, she brought a lot of skills and expertise surrounding small business development and administration. While she brought a lot to the co-op, the co-op brought to her a love affair she will likely never shake; a passionate affair with Larry vs Harry Bullitt© cargo bikes. Being a long-term born & bred NYC supercommuter, she has always been seeking more sustainable (and more affordable) means of travel in her city. Some days just had to be subway/bus/cab days, as some days are three-bags-and-a-purse days for working NYC women. Well, that was before she met her first cargo bike.

FLL is also where Camille met her future business partner, Christopher Asa Reece, a mechanic with twelve years of experience under his belt and a passion for female leadership in business. Christopher was outside the co-op but was always happy to make sure FLL’s fleet was in good working order.

Eventually, as many cooperatives do, things fell apart. People had other goals, and people had drama. So most of the co-op walked, leaving Camille with a fully furnished bike shop, a roster of clients, and all the work that goes along with closing a company. “Much better than lemons” she thought, and Chris agreed.

Brooklyn Cargo Bicycle Company, LLC was created as a placeholder for whatever it was they wanted to do. So they focused on bike repair, custom builds, and cargo bike maintenance. They were able to build up a rich roster of couriers and commuters who needed mechanics who were willing to work with them. In addition, they created a demanding market for cargo courier services, or what Camille likes to call, Green Freight Infrastructure. She wants to see an NYC less cluttered and polluted, with healthier and happier residents, working and spending locally.

Now in 2016, Brooklyn Cargo Bicycle Company has been rebranded to do business as Kween Kargo Bike Shop. Kween Kargo will continue to offer the repair services their clients have come to rely on, but with more confidence, passion, and ambition. They have developed a number of guiding principals to help achieve their vision of a greener, more efficient, healthier NYC with the real faces of cycling culture at the forefront.

Guding Principals

  • Advance marginalized ridership : The Industry doesn’t represent us so we represent ourselves. Women ride bikes for their own sakes, just like everyone else. So why are we the trophy holders at Champagne finishes? Why are we called “girls” at races and other community events? Why don’t our races have smaller prize wallets and less coverage? Why are we met with wide eyes and disbelief when we tell people we are couriers, mechanics, racers, and advocates? Kween Kargo is committed to supporting women and other marginalized types riders who are neglected by our industry. We are strong, we are fabulous, we are glorious athletes. We are so much more than “biker babes”.
  • Local Job Development : NYC is a tough city to live in, and things certainly aren’t getting easier. Gentrification has destroyed neighborhoods, pushed people out of their homes & hoods, and generally destroyed opportunities for local sustainable economies. Kween Kargo wants to find ways to support local residents, businesses, and workers though logistical support. We recognize and value the fact the answers can’t come from us; only the community knows what it needs. Come talk to us, we’re always looking to listen. 
  • Personal Physical & Mental Health : You don’t need to be a professional athlete to feel like one. A car-less lifestyle offers many benefits for localized commuters. What begins with a hand-me-down bike from a friend can develop into a life-long romance with the road, your bicycle, and you. At Kween Kargo we think any bike that keeps you on the road is a good bike, whether its a beater or a top of the line road bike. Finally, as our name implies we are coo-coo for cargo bikes! In particular, the Larry vs Harry Bullitt©. The LvH Bullitt© is ideal for all inner city lifestyles. Artists, professionals, craftsfolk, entrepreneurs, and most obviously couriers have revolutionized their lives by investing in these remarkable machines. We live green & clean. We are here to keep that love affair with your legs going!


  • Healthy Local Economies: Local couriers utilizing cargo bikes to support local businesses.
  • Environmental Enhancement: Fewer cars on the road, cleaner air, safer streets, healthier residents, increased quality of life.
  • Alternatively Structured Environments for Workers: If we all work together we can get to where we want to go, and have the opportunities we deserve to have.

What We Do

  • Repair Services
  • Custom Builds
  • LvH Bullitt© Leases
  • Logistical Support & Consulting



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