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Everything you need to know about Kween Kargo’s move ; FAQ

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Hello friends, clients, and fams!

We have received a fair amount of questions regarding our move. So we’ve decided to set up this FAQ to quell any concerns about Kween Kargo’s past, present, and future!

Uh oh… didn’t you guys just move? Are you guys gonna be okay?

  • We are more than okay! Kween Kargo Bike Shop, Brooklyn Cargo Bicycle Company, LLC is doing fabulous. So fabulous, we have already outgrown our current location. Entering our third year doing business, we are seeing consistent growth and expect that to continue. While we love our current location at Java Studios in Greenpoint, our next location at 196 Greenpoint Ave is the perfect long-term home of Kween Kargo. It’s more centrally located to major bikeways, closer to the heart of Greenpoint’s shopping district, and a bit more reliable in all seasons than our current garage storefront set-up. We believe our clients will be as pleased with the new location as we are, as it’s the perfect place for us to keep growing.

So when are you moving?

  • Kween Kargo will be shuttering at 259 Kent Street just before the Thanksgiving holiday and will officially be out of the space by December 1st. We will be building out the storefront at 196 Greenpoint Ave throughout the course of December, along with taking the opportunity to catch up with our loved ones. We will be re-opened by January 2nd, and will invite you all to help us warm up the new shop within that first week of the new year. More details yet to come on that front!

Re-Opening in January? Are you crazy? 

  • Well, maybe. But we like it that way! Both owners of Kween Kargo are all-weather commuters. We also have been known to pick up a lot of courier work during the winter in our personal professional lives. We know a lot of other couriers and commuters are undeterred about the cold & snow as well, so of course we feel confident re-opening just after the new year. In addition to our typical shop services, we will be coordinating community events and workshops throughout the winter. Programming may include, but will not be limited to, mechanic workshops, winter riding workshops, bicycle safety & healthcare proxy skill-shares, and chili nights! If you have any ideas don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email! Finally, we will also be hosting the meet-up for FWOD as of December as well. It’s looking like a warm, busy, fruitful winter to us!

Oh yeah, FWOD, the womens/trans/GNC ride. But you just said you would be closed during December? 

  • While we will not be doing business in December, KKBS owner & FWOD member Camille will make sure the shop is open each Tuesday from 6:30-7 PM for the FWOD meetup. For those who don’t know, FWOD is a casual ride for women, trans, and gender non-conforming cyclists. During the warmer months FWOD meets at Continental Army Plaza, the Brooklyn side of the Williamsburg Bridge. This year, for the sake of rider comfort FWOD has decided to meet at Kween Kargo to save us all a little bit from the cold. In addition to meeting up at Kween Kargo, FWOD will be conducting some programming and activities at KKBS. We will be sure to post information for those events both here and on our social media accounts.

But what am I supposed to do for a month without y’all? You know I don’t trust other shops with my ride!

  • We’re not trying to leave anyone hangin! We know this is inconvenient but we really hope our clients can work with us just like we’ve always worked with them. If you have a major malfunction, you know how to get in touch! Our shop phone will be plugged in & working as always, and you can always email us. Just because we’ll be doing build-out for the shop doesn’t mean we can’t find a ways or a means to get your ride back up to snuf! That’s the kind of service you have come to expect from us and we always strive to meet those expectations. So sleep easy & ride hard! We’ve got you covered.


We want to take the opportunity to thank you all for an amazing two years. Brooklyn Cargo/Kween Kargo is nothing without its community. We have made great strides in honoring our mission in pursuit of our goals, and cannot wait for all the exciting things 2017 has in store.



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