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Cargo Bike Spotlight: New York Times hails the cargo revolution

My mother excitedly shared this article titled “Families Ditch Cars For Cargo Bikes” with me this morning. It’s true, a year ago I could see someone zip by on a Bullitt and name names. Now, there are so many of us out here! And growing. I myself can’t decided if I love the Yuba Mundo more or the Bullitt because they are different bikes for different lifestyles and styles of ride. Honestly, I’m just glad a publication took the time to unpack the difference between a longtail and a bakfiet. It’s surprisingly confusing when you explain it to people. I also have to appreciate the fact that this is one of the few non bike-centric publication to feature Cetma Cargo. Their bikes are absolutely gorgeous. Personally, they don’t make a lot of sense for a courier. However if I were a suburban cargo mom, I would be sold!

Here’s an except from the article

“These days, cargo bikes are no longer a novelty: They are cropping up not just in the expected West Coast enclaves like Seattle, Portland and the Bay Area, but in cities like New Haven, Tucson and Dallas. “It used to be that if I saw somebody in Boston on a cargo bike, I probably knew them and probably helped them buy their bicycle,” said Nathan Vierling-Claassen, who has ridden a cargo bike since 2008. “Now that’s no longer the case.”

Credit Jason Henry @ NYT

Find the full article here;

Post by Camille Raneem @ Brooklyn Cargo Co.


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New Diamond Back Master TG Fixie Build for sale!

Speedy new build fresh out of the shop! Featuring Rear Velocity Deep V 32h rear wheel with a Shimano Dura Ace cog, Hand built velocity hub laced to a Rapha rim 24h on the front, Shimano Tiagra crankset, Rocket 48t chain ring, KMC chain, and to top it off a fly lookin original Turbo saddle. 58cm frame, well loved but perfect for city life. Check out the full listing here.


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Spring Work Bike

New spring build from BKBL… Surley Cross Check rebuild. She’s been a lot of fun so far, we’re installing bull horns with interrupters tomorrow. Will post updates as they come!

Sweet Tooth

Be sure to check out for more of our mechanic’s custom builds!


dem bull horns tho